Buying An Air Conditioner: What Size Should I Get?

With the heat increasing, it’s time to replace your old air conditioner, but there are so many variables to consider! Plus, when scrolling through endless options, it gets intimidating, so let’s break it down into a few key components.

The first thing to consider is what size of an air conditioner is best suited to you. This consideration might not seem important, but one of the most common financial blunders is getting the wrong size for your needs.

What Does the Wrong Size of Air Conditioner Mean?

With new, more efficient machines coming into the market regularly, it becomes impossible to get the same model when attempting to replace your AC, especially if you’ve had the same one for the last decade or so. A well — versed home comfort technician will need to come in and advise you on what best to purchase. Not calling in a consultant, or using one from a cheap, unreliable source, may result in the wrong size, leading to expensive, troubling results.

These are some of the things that can happen if you end up with an AC that isn’t precisely your fit:

1. It Won’t Cool Efficiently

An AC that’s too big will keep shutting on and off as the temperature changes, resulting in some pleasant spots, but not enough active cooling for your home temperature to be enjoyable. Since your AC also controls humidity, and an AC that’s too big isn’t running long enough, you’ll be left with clammy air that isn’t correctly cool either.

An AC that’s too small, meanwhile, will run near — continuously, laboring to cool your home, and thus using far too much power, but won’t be able to cool, simply because it’s in waters far beyond its depths.
An AC that’s suited to your needs, in comparison, will run without fluctuating or working too hard and will be able to reach and maintain the set temperature easily. An AC correctly chosen will be able to do this throughout summer without a hitch.

2. More Strain and More Breakdowns

An AC that’s too large will keep switching on and off (aka ‘short cycling’), and so it’ll exert a lot more strain on its system. This stress causes more system collapses, leading to more money and time wasted on fixing the problem.

With an AC that’s too small, there are more breakdowns also; this is because the AC is working all the time, and hence using more energy and work to run until it is simply too tired to run anymore.

An air conditioner that is exactly right for your usage, unlike the previous two, will run ceaselessly and without problems. This means that you are effectively and safely cooling your home, and you will only have to call us for repairs once in a blue moon, or the yearly tuning.

3. Spending Way Too Much on Bills

With Texas HVAC Systems that is unsuited to your needs, whether too large or too small, the electric bill you’ll have to front will be ridiculously high. This is because, whether the AC is short — cycling or running all the time, it’s using more energy than required, and, without the proper fit for your home, this becomes a very highly priced cycle.

With an air conditioner that’s the perfect size for you, you’ll be able to stay cool with a significantly lower bill. Some newer air conditioners, such as the Carrier and Lennox air conditioners, are more efficient, and function on the energy conservation principle, thereby saving you money.

4. A Much Shorter Life on Your AC

Whether your air conditioner is too big or too small, the ever-present breakdowns and repairs result in both a hike in bills and a decrease in longevity for your AC. An air conditioner should typically last between 10 and 15 years, but these will pack up much sooner, meaning having to find a replacement within a few years (if you’re lucky) of your new purchase.

Meanwhile, an air conditioner that’s correctly sized for your home can last you even beyond the 15-year mark, provided there was proper care, which means your investment indeed was a smart one.

These consequences sound terrible, and that’s because they are. To avoid them, we urge you to get a professional consultant in.

How Do You Determine the Size of Air Conditioner I Need?

When finding the right size for you, there are a few key components we look at:

1. Square Footage

Fairly self — explanatory; the larger your house, the larger your air conditioner needs to be; otherwise, it won’t reach every area. The general rule of thumb is 1 ton of cooling capacity for every 500 feet, but only going on square footage alone isn’t enough.

2. Insulation and Ductwork

Insulation keeps an area airtight and hence makes cooling more efficient. Therefore, a house with poor or no insulation has to be taken into consideration in our calculations, as does a home with faulty ductwork (as well as the general layout of the ductwork itself).

3. Weather

Summer is great, and comes with a lot of perks, but also brings sticky, humid, and sweltering days. A TX Air Conditioner needs to be able to keep your home temperate in the severe weather, which is something we also bear in mind in our calculations.

4. Greenery and Windows

Your windows play a significant role in deciding the appropriate air conditioner size. From the size of one window to the number of windows and the direction of each, all must be considered when deciding on an air conditioner. Multiple southern windows mean a warmer house during the day, and so you need a more powerful AC to combat the heating effects of the sun.

Meanwhile, a yard or garden with greenery and trees that provide shade result in an overall cooling effect, meaning a smaller or less powerful AC can also get the job done.

We make sure to take everything into account, to make sure the result is a comfortable home, with the perfect AC, without the trial and error.

Another thing to glance at is Multiple Zones. If there are or can potentially be multiple cooling zones in your home, the size of your air conditioner will change.

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